We have learned what is ledger and types of ledgers in earlier lesson, now let’s learn how a ledger can be created in tally soft ware

Go to

Accounts info>Ledger>Create

Ledger creation screen will displayed.

ledger creation screen


How to create ledger in tally

The options in ledger creation screen will vary in accordance with the features selected in F11 features and F12 Configuration screen.

Let’s fill the required details

Name: Name of the ledger account for example ‘Local conveyance’

Alias: This is an alternative name; you can enter an alternative name or code number for this ledger account. For Example (IE001)

Under: The group in which the ledger accounts comes under. This is selected in accordance with the nature of account, whether it is an income, expense, asset, liability account. Here this Local conveyance comes under “Indirect expense”.

Opening balance: – Enter the opening balance at the time of entering accounts in tally, leave blank if there is no opening balance.

Now save the screen you are successfully created a ledger.

leadger creation screen completed

Tally will not allow you to create multiple accounts in the same name and no need for creating separate account for clients dealing with buy and sell; purchase and sales can enter into same account.

View created accounts

Go to

Account info>Ledger>Display

Select the ledger account to see. Ledger display screen will be in front. You cannot modify anything from this screen

Edit or alter an account.

To do modifications of ledger go to

Accounts info>Ledger>Alter

Ledger alteration screen will appear

leadger alteration screen

Make necessary changes and save the screen.

Delete an account

Let’s learn how an account can be deleted. Tally does not permit to delete an account with transactions.

To delete an account go to the following screen

Account info>Ledgers>Alter

Select the account to be deleted.

Now press delete button from bottom bar or Use key board shot cut Alt+D. A confirmation will be asked.

Confirm by pressing enter, or Y button from key board.

More about tally accounts will follow this lesson. Stay update with our daily news letter