In this chapter we are dealing with accounting vouchers, Tally offer us many voucher types for entering transactions. Like Payment, Receipt, Sales, Purchase, Journal, Contra, etc. Also there are inventory vouchers & none accounting vouchers in tally. We will be writing for you about all these vouchers later.

The  multiple option in accounting vouchers (Payment, Receipt, Sales, Purchase, Journal, Contra ) for entering transactions helps us to reduce mistakes in data entry, and even people who doesn’t’ know the basics of accounting principles can work  with tally easily.

To record transactions in a journal book manually, one must know the debit and credit aspects of a transaction.  And the magic of tally is that there is no need of posting of transactions in to ledger book. Immediately after entering data the transactions will have posted in ledger. And can be seen the ledger balance immediately after the voucher entry.

Payment Voucher In tally

Payment vouchers are used to enter payment transactions or expense.  For example traveling expense, Rent, staff welfare expense, loading and unloading expense, clearing expense and many more

Here I am telling how a payment voucher can be entered in tally with an example.

Enter the following payment transactions in to payment voucher

Sr .No Transactions details Date Amount
1 Stationery expense paid 01/09/2012 2200
2 Tea expense paid 05/09/2012 1500
3 Courier charge paid   07/09/2012 3500

Before entering expense voucher, you must create three ledgers

  1. 1.       Printing & stationery
  2. 2.       Staff Welfare expense or  ( this includes all petty expense related to staff including daily tea, You can create tea expense ledger  instead if you desires to do so)
  3. 3.       Postage & courier

If you don’t know ledger creation; how to create ledger in tally explained here. Go to this chapter and come back after creating these three ledgers

Now the initial setup is ready for voucher entry.

Now go to

Gateway of Tally>>Accounting Vouchers

Press enter to have the voucher entry screen or from the gateway of tally Press Hot key V

Now you are in payment voucher screen.


Sometimes you may be landed in other vouchers like receipt, sales etc. this is because tally opens the voucher recently used. For example you entered a sales voucher yesterday, and today when you open Accounting voucher, the same sales voucher will open.

In such case the payment button on the right button panel will be active like this

payment button

Then press F5 Short cut key or click on the F5 : Payment  button to have the payment screen

Now change the date of voucher by pressing F2 Short cut key or by clicking date button at the top right  of the screen

A new field of voucher date will pop up

voucher date

Change the date to voucher date of the example here 01/09/2012

chnaged voucher date screen

Press enter to accept and save the new date

Now at the top of the screen you can see the voucher name and voucher number



Payment No: 1

The voucher name is payment and the voucher number is 1. This number will automatically change to the next number while you entering next voucher.

Account:  type Cash here, as you are paying money for stationery expense Rs 2200.00

Under that you can see Cur Bal :   here cash account balance will be displayed. If there is 5500 balance in cash account this balance will be shown as  Cur Bal : 5500

Under particulars:  type the ledger name under which we are paying money for, here it is printing& stationary.

Press enter to move on to  next field. Amount: type Rs 2200.00

The total balance of Printing and stationary will be displayed under Cur Bal: 2200.00 Dr

Dr Here means debit balance

Press enter, the next field is narration, where you can type all the details of transactions including bill no and other details, here you can enter whatever details you want. A typical narration is below

narration in tally

Now press enter the final screen will be as follows.

The screen will ask Accept, Yes or NO

At this time you can edit the voucher by pressing Hot key N or Pressing Esc Key.  The cursor will go back to the beginning of the screen: Account, make necessary changes if necessary and save the screen. The voucher creation is completed. The next two voucher entry will be done by you, if any doubts relating to voucher entry please use our comment section to ask.