We have learned how to install tall software single user mode. In this session let us learn the physical appearance of tally software screen.
Double click on tally icon from your desk top you will be landed in to Gateway of tally with menu Company Info
gate way of tally
Let us divide the tally screen in to five

1. Top button Panel: - on the right side of top button panel gives you some report output option , help sections and language settings etc.

2. Gateway of Tally: - This is the working area and display area of tally. On the right hand side  there is a box with some texts it is called the menu of tally. Unlike other software tally does not have a pop down menu, context menu. Each time when you open the software the curser lies on menu screen highlighting the first option. In the above example curser highlighted on‘Select Company’.In this menu The ‘S’letter is boldface and red in color. This letter is called hot key. i.e, you need to press ‘S’ from your keyboard to select this menu. This helps you to faster moving through menus and faster data entry.

On the left side you can see

Current Period:- This shows current financial year of the company you can change the period by clicking on it or by pressing Alt+ F2

Current date: – This shows the current date that tally is in or the date of last voucher entered you can change it by pressing F2 only if a company is selected.

List of companies selected:-Just under the current date and current Period you can see the list of companies selected. On the left side Name of the company displayed and right side  shows date of last voucher entered. You can select more than one company at a time. But company name, which is highlighted in bold font only remain active. You can work with only one company at time. If you want to work with next company you have to switch that company by pressing F1 from gateway or click on the Company.

3. Right Button Panel: – This is the right button panel and the button displayed in this panel changes depends on screen buttons are of three types.

i. Button without under line

ii. Button with single under line

iii. Button with double underline

Why this underline? This is nothing but the identification of short cut key. The idea is like this

A button with   F12 = Press  function key F12

A button with   F12 = Press ALT Key + F12 Function Key together
control key in tallyThis button says  = Press Ctrl + F12

4. Bottom Panel and calculator: – In this panel you can see Product details, Version detail, License detail, configuration details etc.you can see the detail written on it, but if you want more details on it click on the particular panel. At the end of the panel there is one calculator if you click on it will expand and rest will disappear. Press Ctrl+N to from gateway of tally to activate calculator and press Ctrl +M go back to company information screen. These two keys combination toggle between calculator and gateway of tally.

5. Taskbar: -Like window task bar this bar shows Current date, Current time and menu path.

We have created a video tutorial on how to use tally