Today we are learning sales voucher entry in tally. The Purpose of entering sales voucher is to record cash or credit sales. It’s time for us to start Accounts with inventory as we are currently learning Accounts Only Mode companies (Companies dealing only with account not with stock) .to learn this lesson  we must  know what is stock item and unit of measure.

Tally Provides Two types of Sales Entry.

  1.        Accounts Invoice: – This Type of Voucher is used for creating Service invoices, sales invoice for Traders who does not want to keep the track of stock. In this invoice we bill Income heads like, Professional charges, Consultation fees, sales Ledger Etc.

For Example, An agency is charging “Agency Charges” from his client. In this case we bill Agency Charges. As far as accounting concept Agency Charge is an income Ledger .and in the Account invoice we will mention this Ledger

Agency charges

The second example is that, An Electronic goods leader want to bill s Television sale. But he doesn’t want the stock to be maintained with Tally. In Such case He will bill the customer using his income ledger account “TV Sale” instead of billing TV name as an item.

tv sale

Accounts Invoice is available in both Accounts Only, accounts with Inventory modes

       2. Item Invoice:-This type of invoice is available in companies enabled Accounts with Inventory mode only. If a company keeping inventory and accounts with Tally software. Then he can bill stock for Example Sony Bravia 15” Tv

item bill

To switch over Accounts Invoice and item invoice click on Accounts Invoice button on the right button panel. Or use Alt+I.


Two Types of voucher for sales entry

In voucher entry there are two types sales voucher in Tally. Just understand that the importance of this voucher is only in term appearance and Invoice mode is helpful for automatic calculation of Taxes.

  1.        As voucher:  This mode is used to enter sales transactions in double entry mode. The below image give you the typical sales screen as voucher

As-voucher-mode2.       As Invoice:   This type of voucher is used to enter sales transactions, and want to issue an invoice/bill to customer. This voucher is useful for automatic calculation of taxes in sales invoice. Below is the typical sales screen as Invoice.


To toggle between these two types of voucher Use short cut Key Ctrl+V,Or click on ,As voucher /As Invoice Button on the right button panel


So the two types Invoices and voucher types are there in tally sales entry.

Now we can enter a sales transaction in tally.

Credit sales to Ashok Leyland   10 No Goodyear Duraplus Tyre  ( size : P 155/80R 1379t) Rs 45000.00

The journal for this transaction is

Ashok Leyland A/c ………………………..Dr    45000.00

To, Tyre Sales                                                                             45000.00

Create ledger ‘Ashok Leyland’ and ‘Tyre Sale’ if not already created

To enter this transaction In Accounts Invoice

Go to

Gateway of Tally>>Accounting Voucher

Press F8 from Keyboard or Click on F8: Sales Button on the right button Panel, now we are in sales voucher, by default tally shows Item Invoice.


Click on Account Invoice button or Use short cut key on Alt +I.

The item invoice will change to accounts invoice.

Now change the date by Pressing F2.

fill the form as follows.

Party Name: In the Above example the party is Ashok Leyland.

Particulars: Select the sales account Tyre Sale

Then type narration and Press enter Key or Use shortcut key Ctrl+A to save the screen.

 sale-voucher-account-invoice I f you are entering  a service invoice , For example consulting fee , Create an account namely “Consulting fee “ And type Consulting fees instead of Tyre sale  under particulars.

Item Invoice in tally

This voucher is used when a company is maintaining Stock in tally. We can issue item wise bill by taking printout of this item invoice. In the above example instead of selecting ledger ( Tyre sale ) We can select Tyre name “Good Year duraplus size : P 155/80R 1379t”

Create the stock item Good Year duraplus size: P 155/80R 1379t

To enter the above transaction as item invoice Press Alt + I or click on Item invoice button on the right hand side.

See the item invoice voucher below


Fill the following field

Ref No: If you have any reference number, type it here something like Purchase order number from buyer, phone ref no etc.

Party Account Name: In this example party account name is Ashok Leyland; we have created a debtor account for Ashok Leyland.

Sales Ledger:  Select the sales ledger, companies may have more than one sales account for taxation & reporting purposes, here we have created a sales ledger namely Tyre sale for easy identification total tyre sale. Select tyre sale.

Enter narration, then press Ctrl + A or press Enter Key to save the screen


 Also you can enter the same transaction as voucher by clicking on as voucher button on the right hand side.

To get more clarity on how to enter sales voucher see this video